Flour Fermentation: A Love Story

I find that one of my new favorite smells is a sourdough starter. And that sentiment seems to apply to my starter regardless of the stage in the feeding cycle. When it has been recently fed, it smells sort of sweet and bready. When it’s close to feeding time, it starts to smell, well, sour. I like it all.

Sometimes I smell it and my nose goes a little crazy. But I love it! Maybe it’s just the fact that maintaining a sourdough starter is like a perpetual science experiment. Maybe I just love the potential of bread! Maybe I just have a weird nose.

Today, for the first time I brought my starter to work with me. I usually just leave it on the counter after I feed it in the morning and go about my day, but this has bothered me because it means I can’t see what it is doing. So today my lovely starter is tagging along, and I am watching it rise and develop different smells throughout the day.

Isn’t there a quote somewhere that says something about love meaning you can appreciate each other’s smells? If not, there should be. Because I love my starter and all its weird smells!

Below is an expertly shot cell phone photograph of my starter at work. It’s beautiful.



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