New Book Day

Today I am going to buy a new book.

The day one buys a book is always a good day. The smell of the bookstore, the subtle sounds of customers flipping pages and reading descriptions, the anticipation of cracking open a brand new book to behold what adventures it has in store. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I gobble it all up.

8585924The book I will purchase today is Shannon Hale’s new book, Dangerous. Hale has been hinting at this book for years now, calling it a Super Secret Project for a while, then releasing the title, which was later changed. Shannon Hale is the best so I expect great things from this book.

In addition I might buy a cookbook, the sequel to Code Name Verity, and maybe one of Jennifer Adams primer books–not for any children, mind you. For me. Those primers are brilliant and have incredible art inside! 

It has been too long since I’ve purchased a new book, thus I might go a little crazy once inside the bookstore. I keep telling myself to buy at least one book each month so I don’t lose book-buying control because of a long absence from bookstores, but part of me suspects I would be tempted and succumb to multiple book purchases each month anyway.

UPDATE: I finished reading the book a week after this post was originally published. This book is FANTASTIC!!!

Author: Tamsen Maloy |

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