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Audrey Hepburn–More than just a beauty queen

imagesAudrey Hepburn is iconic. She’s iconic for fashion. She’s iconic for Hollywood’s golden years. She’s iconic for beauty. However, she was also an ambassador for UNICEF, helped the resistance in Holland during World War II, drew amazing pictures, and knew the value of being yourself.

But regardless of all the great things Audrey Hepburn did beyond acting and being a

Some childhood artwork

Some childhood artwork

fashion icon, I keep seeing ads on Facebook asking, “Is Audrey Hepburn the prettiest? Vote here!”

Audrey Hepburn might have been beautiful, but who she was and what she did are far more important. And we have weird polls taking place to determine if she was in fact the prettiest? Why? After all she’s done, why is whether or not she’s the prettiest the most important question to ask?

This is not limited to Audrey Hepburn. Most women in the public eye, regardless of their job or accomplishments, are judged for their beauty and asked questions about how they maintain their beauty or weight.

This is frustrating.

UNICEF years

UNICEF years

But, luckily for all human beings, a refusal to acknowledge great accomplishments does not make those accomplishments disappear or negate their importance. So, while whether or not Audrey Hepburn is in fact the prettiest of all is still up for debate, all her work making the world a better place is as essential and far-reaching as ever.

When Sleeping Dreams Create Waking Ones

The other night I had a dream I lived in Paris and earned a living selling records at open air markets. In the dream as I headed off to go grab some ice cream with a friend, I was detained by a government official for not paying a business fee of some sort.

My dream featured the wardrobe I always imagined I’d have if I cared enough about clothes to put a lot of effort into tracking down the greatest vintage clothing I can find (Truly, that is my ideal wardrobe. It just takes so much time to do that.), and specifically the most interesting blazer I have ever seen. It looked somewhat like this, though this is not exact by any means:

The one in my dream was even cooler

The one in my dream was even cooler and was more mustard than orange

Now, of course, I want to track my dream blazer down–preferably in a magical, serendipitous kind of way. In France. After I’ve just been to Shakespeare and Company? Am I overdramatizing? That’s why I write poems and have crazy dreams!

I find it interesting that the key point I got out of that dream was an image of a great blazer instead of worrying about my unpaid fee as an American living in Paris. Surprising priorities?

Brief Word of Advice And More Audrey Hepburn

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy or install a tiled countertop. Ever. Never ever.


Author: Tamsen Maloy |

Photos: Here, here, here, here, and here.

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