Loki: The Superhero of My Dreams

people-really-want-thor-villain-loki-to-get-his-own-movieI can assure you right off the bat (what does that even mean?) that I know Loki isn’t technically a hero. And I also must admit that I have never read any Marvel comics, I merely watch the movies. So I know I’m no expert.

That said, I just wrote a film review of Thor: The Dark World (a movie I didn’t love) and briefly discussed my love of Loki.

Seriously, Loki is the best character in the Thor canon (including The Avengers movie). And Thor…. Well, he’s just blah. Boring. Humdrum. Predictable.

Look at this way… Why did we need The Avengers to save the world? Because Loki orchestrated an alien invasion and tried to use it to distract the world from his taking it over. Who did Thor need in order to save Jane? Whose mischievous behaviors resulted in Thor’s brief exile to earth? LOKI!!!!

So here are a few reasons I just love Loki:

He’s Brilliant

He reads books, of course he's brilliant.

He reads books, of course he’s brilliant.

I can’t deny that the brilliant heros, villains, etc. hold much more sway over me than the ones who simply use brute strength. Not that strength is bad, of course, it’s just not as interesting of a character trait. Unless your character is the Hulk. But isn’t he brilliant and strong? Anyway, Loki might lack the monstrous muscles and hammer that Thor has, but he makes up for it with sheer brilliance. He plans. He waits. He acts. He outsmarts. Love. It. And having the brilliance he does, he’s always one step ahead of everyone else. And when Loki actually does fail or get caught? Well, it’s only a matter of time before another opportunity presents itself.

He’s Frustratingly Fascinating

The thing about the good guy, is he’s always the good guy. Sure, he might have his dark spots like everyone else but he’s always the good guy, no questions asked (Example: Captain America. He just wanted to do the right thing!). Being the good guy is great and all, but it can create characters that come off as flat or boring or predictable. Loki on the other hand, is pretty much a bad guy. But is he? Will he stay a bad guy? I find myself hoping he’ll beat Thor eventually, but that might just be my dark side rearing its ugly head.

With Loki you have to ask, “Was he really upset that his adoptive mother died? Or was his trashing of his prison cell all part of a grander manipulation? Does he really hate Thor? Or is there some part of him that wants to be bros?” So many more questions! So, no matter what awful things Loki might do you remain absolutely fascinated by him because you just don’t know what’s happening inside his brilliant head!

He’s a Master of Illusion



In the real world, manipulation is really not awesome when it comes to friendships and other relationships. But as a character trait in a story it is fantastic. Not only is Loki pretty good at manipulating people in the normal way, he also has a great power so he can literally create illusions which act to manipulate the people around him. It’s so cool. So much cooler than a flying hammer.

But being a master of illusion isn’t only about having a nifty power. It takes impressive observation skills. Why? Because you can’t masquerade as King Odin without knowing exactly what he’ll say in given circumstances, how he’ll say it, what his body language will be. All of it. You have to fully understand the people around you in order to create a successful illusion.

He’s Great at Talking

Tom-HiddlestonWhat I mean is, his voice is alluring. His syntax is beautiful. He might be the bad guy, but when he talks I hang on to every word. Thor on the other hand makes me laugh. Sometimes I think, “Who wrote that line? It’s terrible! Can he stop talking yet? His voice is starting to get on my nerves.” Interestingly, when Chris Hemsworth is just talking as a normal human in an interview, he sounds fine. But the character Thor… I don’t know. He’s just not as good at speaking as Loki.

A big part of that has to do with Tom Hiddleston’s greatness. I once watched a video of British men reading poetry, including him. He just has that quality that makes you forget your surroundings and focus on voice and tone and words. I don’t know why some men have that alluring quality in their voice, but some really do (others include Benedict Cumberbatch, Morgan Freeman, and Harry Connick, Jr.).

the_avengers-wideThor, Iron Man, Captain America. They can all be heroes, and good ones at that. But we all know that Loki is the truly great character in the ongoing saga of The Avengers.

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