Entitled Creeps In Action, Experiment Notwithstanding

Sometimes I read Jezebel.com. While I don’t agree with all points presented, Jezebel offers a lot of information and their common biting, tough-as-nails attitude amuses me.

Today I read an article that was disturbing. It included two videos (videos linked at end of post. Beware of major ‘ick’ factor) of two male college students conducting experiments on girls. The article didn’t say which state these students were in, or which school. Then I watched the videos. To my shock (but as it registered I wasn’t as surprised as one would hope) these students go to Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, in my home state.

I honestly couldn’t finish watching either video because they are so utterly creepy and inappropriate I couldn’t handle it. As I type I am literally quivering with rage. I haven’t felt this way since confronting that sociopath at work about a year ago. So. Mad. Right. Now. I almost don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try this:

Most of the girls in the videos look horrified and ridiculously uncomfortable. And yet, they have been culturally ingrained to NOT do what they should: namely slap them in the face, kick them in the groin, yell and scream, etc.

To be clear: these videos are examples of sexual harassment. It does not matter that these students claim it’s for an experiment.

As pertains to the “kissing as a greeting” experiment, it doesn’t pan out. In cultures that practice kissing as a greeting–like in France, where it is called la bise–it is not an acost upon strangers. It is a greeting of someone you already know! Or at the very least something you do when you are properly introduced to someone by a fellow acquaintance, not to random people walking down the street or across campus. And it does not include a kiss on the lips!

Another thing: the first student explained to an extremely uncomfortable woman that he did it because that’s how they do things where he’s from: France. He obviously isn’t from France but thought lying to a girl to make his behavior okay is appropriate.

And as for the “sweeping girls off their feet” video, when did it become okay to pick up strangers and run off with them? Last I checked that is kidnapping. No man has ANY right to touch, kiss, grab, or carry a girl without her permission!!!! WHY DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY THAT??? It should be obvious.

But, no. We live in a culture that teaches men that women are their property. Sure, the word ‘property’ has become archaic in reference to other people, thank goodness. But the idea that a man has the right to do such things to women without repercussions clearly denotes that men around here just don’t understand that women are people, not objects of pleasure.

And I’m sorry to any men reading this who are just as horrified at these videos as I am. You are awesome and I know there are so many of you and I’m so glad you’re around!!!!! Please, if you see things like this happening put a stop to it. For centuries girls have been taught to be ‘nice’ thus don’t always respond the way we should when creeps pick us up and run down the hall. We should spit in their face in that situation, and many women are doing just that. But it takes all good members of a society to make change. Please do your part.

I’m not one to swear usually. But these dudes deserve a severe ass-kicking. And maybe even a suspension. Yep. I called into question their right to be at school. And why shouldn’t I? They think they have a right to choose when a girl should or should not feel comfortable and safe. This, readers, is called entitlement

Honestly, they make my skin crawl.

Oh, and in case you are wondering these videos are more examples of rape culture and why feminism matters. 

I welcome any points I have missed in this matter. I am just too mad and freaked out to go into more depth.



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