You know about writing?

Typewriter_keys-300x240The thing about writing is (I am really hoping at least one person reading this had a flashback to Big Fish) those people who choose to make writing more than just an ambiguous pleasantry but instead a stubborn but beautiful invective, those people need writing like we need air. Or, to be a bit less cliche about it, writers need writing like bread needs yeast, like books need paper (I’m talking about real books), like Paris needs the Eiffel Tower.

Writers who don’t write cease to make sense, even to themselves. It is almost like they cease to exist. Does that seem a little melodramatic? Try being a writer.

And the oddest thing is, often times (not always; some people are much more disciplined than others) when writers need to write most for the sake of sanity (i.e., disaster, emotional dilemmas, refrigerator is empty so money must be earned so one can eat, etc.) that is when the infamous Writer’s Block sets in, or the idea of staring down that empty page or screen is so very terrifying, it seems a much better idea to go watch Doctor Who (maybe that one is just me?).

In recent months, my writing has taken a turn for the terrifying. Terrifying in that I’m scared/distracted and won’t do it. It is true that despite my procrastination, I have come up with some great things that have garnered attention (marginal attention, but I’ll take what I can get!), like my recent post on and a post I wrote for a friend’s blog. These are good things. But when is the last time I’ve written a fiction story or a poem? Fiction and poetry are the reasons I write and if I’m not writing those, well, I feel altogether flummoxed! I think my inner Writing Crusader is kicking my inner Scaredy Cat and my inner Scaredy Cat is remaining unproductive.

There are many reasons contributing to my recent bout of Resistence, none of which really matter. They matter as far as my life is concerned but as for excuses for not writing, their significance is seriously called into question.

What does matter is that I’m not writing as much as I should and I need to improve. Thus, I am recalling an old goal from this very blog and once again putting it into action: namely, I am going to write at least one blog post per week.

Any kind of writing aids the creative juices that contribute to fiction and poetry. And whatmore, I enjoy blog writing. So, I am commiting to one blog post per week. I’m putting it into writing so my theoretical readers (and few actual readers) can hold me to it!

I think Ray Bradbury summed it up best when he said, “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

One thought on “You know about writing?

  1. What a great quote at the end of this post! As a fellow writer, I am ultimately guilty of the same behavior. I need to write, I used to write all the time- poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and even the occasional sappy or whiney diary submission. One technique that my English teacher in high school taught me was that if you are having difficulty with writing something, put that down for the moment and just write. Write about your day, write about the weather, write about what you ate for lunch… anything is better than nothing! A fun thing that she had us do in class was each day she’d write a quote, on one of those old fashioned blackboards (do they still have those?) from some famous person long gone, and we’d have to write an entire page on that quote. We could write about what it meant to us, or what it didn’t, or why we were frustrated about writing about a silly quote for the day… anything really, as long as those words were in correct grammatical formatting and filled the lovely lined paper of our journals! After a while, it became invigorating to write about what someone said somewhere in time in a society that was most likely quite different from the modern one I know now; and it struck me how once I started to fall in love with some quotables (Emily Bronte, Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Socrates & Plato- to name a few) I started to research them more and learn about what those words might have meant to them personally! A little bit of anthropological fun for ya there! Anyway, since then I’ve come to love writing about basically nothing, or about another person’s words that they probably thought were just a temporarily explanation for life. I’ve also caught myself writing down quotes that I love everywhere: in my house, on my phone, at work, in my planner- for future reference of course! 

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