The Goose Girl Reprise

In 2009 I wrote a brief post about one of my favorite books The Goose Girl. It remains one of my absolute favorites today.

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of its initial publishing. It was Shannon Hale’s first book.  It is by no means her most lauded book lacking the medals and honors embossed on some of her other books, but ten years later it is still on the shelves of bookstores and cherished by fans.

I read The Goose Girl for the first time ten years agoI remember sitting on a couch at my dad’s house with rain pouring down outside. A cup of tea sat on the side table, steaming but possibly going cold as I turned page after page and thought nothing about hydration.

After ten years I have read this beloved book countless times. It remains one of my absolute favorites, up there with To Kill A Mockingbird and Dandelion Wine. I think over the last ten years and consider all I have been through with that book. It is my go to when I am upset, haven’t had time to hit the library, or am generally just freaking out and need something to calm me down. Everything about that book from the story itself to the original jacket to the spine that has gone crooked from so much use makes me fall in love with reading and writing all over again. It is one of those books I can read when I’m in a reading or writing slump, and then I feel for a time like slumps are non-existent!

The Goose Girl is an incredible book. It wraps around your imagination and epitomizes literary transportation. There really aren’t adequate words to describe how wonderful this book is. Just read it.

And cheers to Shannon Hale for ten years on the shelf!

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