The Citizens’ Duty

In the aftermath of the 2012 Election, I am feeling sick. Literally. I have succumbed to Influenza. But despite my illness, I am dragging myself out of bed and away from my comfort food in the form of books because I am so disturbed by the plague of despair and bitterness sweeping the nation via Facebook and Twitter.

I have seen plans to move out of country, claims that the United States will now burn, and even someone who was offended that his voting location was in a church. We are not at present doing our forefathers proud.

Any readers who have read my previous post know that voting is a tremendously important piece of the American puzzle. It is a hard-won right that all citizens eighteen years of age and older can use.

But that is only one part of a citizen’s duty.

This election was a tumultuous and nail-biting one. It was a very close race and because the people of the United States have by and large been figuratively boiling for various reasons, it was an extremely emotional election.

But honestly, if your candidate or candidates lost and it now seems far better to move to a different country despite all the freedoms and blessings you still retain, or if you feel the throes of despair are a justified dwelling place, you are not doing your American duty. I would go so far as to say you are being downright lazy. A vote is a big thing. But it is not the only thing.

In this election, not a single one of my candidates won. Not one. But instead of moving or whining, I am making plans to protect my wild lands from my Governor. I am making plans to become close friends with the IRS because you can be sure I will not allow myself to be forced to buy insurance that doesn’t even cover the type of treatments I prefer. The election is not the end. It is when one has the blessed opportunity to decide what is to be done next.

When one examines the history of this country, one will find that all the changes made weren’t randomly decided by a bunch of men (and in more recent years women) in a big room. We the People made the change. Governing bodies merely did what we demanded.

As Americans, it is our duty to make change when we see fit. It is our duty to take action when we see things that are out of line with our American values. No one ever wrote that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people would be easy. But that is the duty we have inherited and at this time it is crucial we stop whining, stop plans of citizenship changes, and instead get up and go. For it is only by inaction that this country will falter.

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