Two new things…

Today is the day that I finally bought a record player. Oftentimes I hear the term turntable instead of record player. It is all the same, but I prefer record player.

I first had the idea of finding record needles because my brother had multiple record players, none with functioning needles. After months of searching I found a place called Randy’s Records that sells record needles. It was only then that it occurred to me to buy my own record player. My household has a stack of old records about a foot and a half high, thus the need for a working record player to begin with.

Today I bought a new record player and speakers, as well as a vinyl copy of Bob Dylan’s first album from Randy’s Records. Ideally, I would have purchased a used record player but apparently because they are superior they are costlier, besides having the need for equipment beyond the player itself and speakers. Thus, an old one was not financially viable at this time. But my record player is still a delight to have in my bedroom!

Buying it today was fun. It is startlingly delightful to buy something that is to a large degree beyond that of your ken or generation. I had tingles and chills carrying my packages out of the store, Bob Dylan’s face staring up at me from the album cover as it rested atop the turntable box.

Also, a few days ago I had a dream that I was buying my record player and was perusing the Bob Dylan section of records when I awoke to my iPod alarm clock playing “Chimes of Freedom” by Bob Dylan. Such fun.

The other new thing of today is that I have started a new blog. The blog you are reading now is called Adventures in Writing and my new blog will certainly be a writing adventure. I have started a new more focused blog in hopes of making some sort of income, besides getting as much writing experience as I can. The theme for my new blog is organic living. It is called Tamsen’s Organic Life and will feature how-to’s, information on organic, organic products, organic growing, shopping, etc. The address is I have only one introductory post thus far, but it would be fantastic to be joined in my effort to add an income to my love of writing.

That is all!

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