Advice Needed!!!

Hello, all!

I need help. Specifically, I need help making what seems like an easy decision but is giving me trouble. I don’t have a gut reaction either way which is abnormal and frustrating.

Here’s the situation: I am graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in about a week and a half. Since May I have been on staff at the Daily Utah Chronicle, the student newspaper at the University of Utah. It has been amazing!! I want to go into journalism so the experience has been fun and incredibly useful. The conundrum is that in order to be on staff you have to be a student at the U. I have no solid plans for post-graduation so staying on staff is appealing, given that the more experience I can get the better. However, to stay on staff I would have to pay almost $1,000.00 to take one credit in order to retain student status (I would still be a graduate, however).

So, I can pay almost one grand to get more writing experience or I can be thrifty and just leave the U behind for good.

I just don’t know what to do! One could easily argue that experience is priceless so I should just pay to take the one credit course and stay on staff. But as a college graduate I feel I need to practice being more responsible, meaning that paying a lot of money for a class I don’t need is a bad idea.

What do you think??? HELP!!

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