Occupy SLC


Today I went to the Occupy SLC rally and a portion of the march. I had to leave early for school, not wanting to ditch my bookbinding class, which is an altogether different fight.

I carried no signs because my decision to go was largely based on my wanting to see firsthand what the Occupy Wall Street was all about. As stated in my previous post, the articles I’ve read gave no indication that much would happen beyond gathering and expressing frustration. I wanted to see if this movement had any clues that it might evolve into something that would result in change. Because it is up against some of the wealthiest people and corporations in the world, I’ve been thinking signs and occupation won’t be enough.

I retain that signs expressing frustration are not enough. But, as similar protests spread across the nation and even to other countries, I cannot deny that this movement has power. My hope is that people will continue to gather, taking their place among the 99% and that after initial attention and intention are caught, more will be done with the power and voice of the people finally surpassing that of the corrupt few.

At present I can’t say for sure what more needs to be done. I would say demand justice on those who deserve it, stop the infiltration of greedy CEO’s into government. But how to accomplish that, I am not sure yet. It is at these times I wish I were a lawyer.

My experience today was fascinating. I didn’t know exactly what to expect at the rally. What I found were older gentlemen with barbered hair and moustaches wearing fancy trench coats. I found younger adults with pierced noses and lips, tattooed and rambunctious. I found a family, smallish child in tote. I found a gentlemen carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. I found war veterans. In short, I found people from all areas of life, excluding perhaps the 1% who created the current economic crisis.

I also found a few people wearing masks of V, from “V” for Vendetta. I absolutely love that movie! However, I am not sure I like the V masks at what is supposed to be a peaceful occupation of Pioneer Park.

In the movie, V represents an idea. He remains anonymous throughout the entire film. I asked a guy I met during the march why some people wore V masks. He said there is a group called Anonymous, wherein people protesting wear the masks to carry out the message, but remain anonymous. Personally, I don’t think wearing a V mask carries out anonymity very well. In the movie, V is anonymous and represents an idea. But he is still a character, especially if pulled out of the movie and into reality. When V clad people began to arrive, some of the organizers of the event  began to really emphasize that Occupy SLC is a peaceful demonstration.

Anonymity with a V mask just doesn’t seem to work.


I couldn’t stay for the entire march to Pioneer Park. But I did march at least to the Federal Reserve Bank. The march stopped at each major bank along route and paused briefly to show the 1% that we are here and not backing down. I loved it.

I really hope and pray this movement strikes up change within our nation. I have been skeptical, but this movement is traveling quickly. Again, I’m not sure at present what further actions need to be taken. But I will do my part to ensure that the United States faces a brighter and less corrupt future.

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