Occupy Wall Street

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street protests, reading articles as they come, searching for others if my questions are unanswered. I have even searched on the Occupy Wall Street website.

I think there is great merit in protesting Wall Street. I admire the people who have begun to challenge this corrupt institution. To put it simply, the financial district and its pals on Capitol Hill have screwed over the American people multiple times.

I have encountered some problems with the Wall Street protests, however.

In every single article I have read I found the same distressing items: the protests are leaderless, the protesters have no demands, the protesters all have different things they are angry about.

These things are distressing because though fighting Wall Street is a worthy cause, nothing can be accomplished without a leader (or at least a group of leaders) and goals. With no goals, no demands, the crowds of people are simply a gaggle of temper tantrum throwing adults.

The protests catch attention because hundreds of people have been arrested. The protests catch attention because they have lasted for weeks. The protests catch attention because Wall Street has committed heinous crimes.

But aside from catching the attention of the media and the public, nothing has been accomplished as far as I can tell. Grabbing attention is a start. But it is no way to finish.

I submit that the way to finish this movement, or at least get it going beyond filling streets with people with no demands, is to demand that justice be served, just like it hopefully would be on any other person or group of people who defrauded a nation.

As stated in my previous post, the United States has a great history of making change through protest. However, change cannot happen–it will not happen–unless real work is done, unless clear goals are outlined and demanded. Aimless and scattered ideas will not create change, no matter how many hundreds of people are arrested.

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