A moment on writer’s block…

I just finished writing an article that I struggled with so horribly, that I wrote at such an agonizing pace that I wondered if my brain had been lost somewhere or if I had just dreamed that I held an ability to write.

For all you writers out there, you know that writer’s block is like losing the ability to breathe.  It’s like drinking water all day but still feeling parched and dehydrated.  It’s like being Sisyphus, the man in Greek legend who is cursed to push a boulder up a slope only to have the stone roll back down every time it reaches the top.

Suffering from writer’s block is all-consuming.  That probably sounds melodramatic, but it is true.  When writers can’t write, we find ourselves in a vicious spiral: we try to write but can’t so we try harder.  But the greater effort makes us think too much and thinking too much is a sure way to increase writer’s block.

The horror!

But, the good thing about blocks is if you keep picking at them, they will fall over.  Just ask any child.

Now, I am off to feed my brain before the blocks get bigger.

One thought on “A moment on writer’s block…

  1. Nicely said. I feel the same way about my art. I go through phases where I produce a lot and then I get burned out or something and I can get a vision or an idea and I lose all motivation to even try. Somehow, something always pulls me back and then the world is full of passion and vibrancy again. Have you read “The War of Art” yet? Excellent writer’s/artist’s book. Has a couple swears in it. Brother Wardrop has an “edited” copy (he used a sharpie on a few choice words).

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