Arsenic and Old Love

It has been an excruciatingly long time since I have posted anything. First there were finals, which took up all my brain power except that which was needed for surviving. Then came finals recovery, which consisted of… not thinking? During recovery, my brain felt as though it had been ripped out through my nostrils like the mummies of old (did you catch the feeling of death that accompanies finals completion?). Participating in creativity was a such a dream, and so distant from my reality during finals and recovery. At last, however, I am once again breathing the life of creativity… including poetry.

It would seem that poetry is the food for creative thought, and science writing (what my finals entailed) is arsenic.  So, recovery has been hard. Very hard. In fact, I still do not feel completely recovered. I am even reconsidering my fall semester schedule, trying to pick classes that are the least likely to have a lengthy term paper (science writing, bleh!) as a requirement.

In short, I haven’t had enough poetry lately. I haven’t read it, written it, danced it, heard it. It is an old love of mine, possibly my first writing love, though I cannot remember for sure.

Today, however, I danced poetry. I signed up for a summer modern dance class, which emphasizes composition. It was simplistic today. Simplistic but so eloquent. Doing something creative after having your brain clogged and deadened by arsenic is just like running and cartwheeling after sitting in an airplane for ten hours. Oh, the liberation! The energy, confidence, and motivation to continue! What a feeling!

There you have it. I am still struggling with the overdose of arsenic. But poetry, whatever form it may enter your soul, is just the thing for eradication.

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