Goodness, it’s like wearing nothing at all!

On my feet, that is.

I made some moccasins yesterday.  I went into a leather store not really knowing what to expect but wanting some moccasins because any kind of shoes aggravate my hurting feet.  Normally, I just go barefoot which I don’t mind at all. But, on occasion the ground is just too cold or wet.  I figured moccasins would give me a bit of extra protection without the added pain from wearing shoes.

It is weird and annoying that shoes aggravate my already aggravated feet.  I went to a job interview a few days ago and wore some boots for a very brief time.  Despite the brevity, however, my feet are still aching from those blasted boots.  You know, I’ve never really liked wearing shoes.

Anyway, my moccasins do exactly what I’d hoped! I made them from a kit that came with everything I needed including pre-cut leather pieces.  I had briefly considered buying a pattern and a piece of leather and all the tools and whatnot because that sounded fantastically cool.  However, because I had never made moccasins before and it was more expensive to make them from scratch, I went with the kit.  Also, if I had purchased everything for moccasins from scratch I would have had to buy an entire half-hide (apparently buying leather is not like buying fabric).  What am I going to do with that? So, a kit it was.

And they are great! Smooth, soft, comfy! I can still feel the ground beneath my feet! I am given extra protection without harming my feet further with pressure from a shoe! They are lovely.  And you know what? I even darkened the leather with some oil.  They are personalized.  Lovely.

You know what is bizarre, though? It is bizarre once you remember that I have been a vegetarian for over ten years: when I walked into the leather store, I really liked the smell.  Does that weird me out a bit? Yes.  Does it also weird me out that I am wearing deerskin on my feet? Yes.  But, I am a member of the community dwelling on earth.  We all use each other for survival and comfort to some degree.  Even trees use the decomposed bodies of cicadas to nourish their roots.  As long as I don’t overdo it, I feel okay.

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