My feeties just can’t catch a break…

I guess they sort of did.

I awoke this morning with my feet feeling fine, better than they have in over a week.  I went to my running class lugging my Keen sandals, having discovered last night that they do not add to the pain like every other shoe I’ve tried.  And with their added support I figured they would be a good way to take a step back and allow my feet to heal/strengthen if indeed my pain is from my overestimating the strength build-up in my feet.

While running I was paying close attention to how my feet felt so that I could slow to a walk or turn around if necessary. They felt great! Maybe a little tender, but overall they felt wonderful! I was ecstatic! I even sped up at the end of my run which is my custom when my feet feel normal.

I reached the hall where we stretch as a group at the end of our running party. I prefer to stretch barefoot (surprise?) because I can stretch my feet besides my back and ankles and legs. Upon taking off my shoes I observed that my right foot was bloody and my left big toe had a huge blood blister.  Upon closer investigation I counted about five blisters! Only one had popped.

I did not feel them forming. I have had my Keens for years, since high school! It never occurred to me that they might cause blisters if I ran in them! And yet…

So, whatever was causing my pain before has subsided (let’s hope it stays that way). But now I have five blisters.  I’ve popped them all, to allow them to heal, skin being something that heals fairly quickly.

My feet just can’t catch a break. Luckily, they haven’t literally broken.

I’m at a loss what to do for Thursday. I’m hoping to run tomorrow, or at least cross-train. Thursday is a dilemma, however. My first instinct is to just run in my huaraches, which don’t rub on anything. Unfortunately, it is supposed to be snowy on Thursday so huaraches seem a little bit on the cold side. And my Zem booties (ninja like shoes that are apparently pretty good for barefoot type running in colder weather) haven’t yet arrived. Frustration!

But, running is worth it. I love to run! Somehow it seems to have slipped into an obsession of sorts. I think it may be the most common subject about which I’ve blogged of late.

Maybe this whole experience is a lesson from above to not be lazy in winter. I really can’t do this every spring, so the memory of frustration and pain will hopefully be a good motivator to get outside and run even if it is cold.

One thought on “My feeties just can’t catch a break…

  1. Wow! I noticed you had some band-aid type things on and I had no idea you had all those blisters. What a mess. So, this is from not running for a while and then running again or is it from the other shoes you wore? I know those huarches could’nt cause that. There isn’t any place for anything to rub. I like shoes. I exercise at home without shoes and of course, ballet is without shoes, but outside I like shoes because I can’t stand the cold. Socks I wear 95% of the time. I hope your cool ninja shoes come soon. Those sound like the ticket. You are funny-obsessed about shoes aren’t you? 🙂

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