Bizzaro world confounds my feet!

So, here is something odd:

My feet really hurt in the exact same spot on both feet, on the outside middle.  It is the exact same pain, exact same spot. Walking makes it worse.  Running makes it worse.  Standing makes it worse.  And before anyone says I should throw on a pair of marshmallow shoes, let me tell you: putting on shoes makes it worse faster than any other aggravator.

What’s the deal? There is no swelling.  There is no external bruising.  If it weren’t for the pain I feel I would never guess anything is wrong because from the outside they look totally healthy and beautiful.

I’ve soaked my feet in epsom salt and hot water.  I’ve massaged them.  I’ve set them on frozen bags of fruit.  I’ve banned running for the last four days.  I haven’t done yoga.  I didn’t go to dance class tonight.  I didn’t even walk home from the bus stop, opting to hail a ride from my mother.  Basically, I’ve given my feet the best rest I can possibly muster for them without being completely on bed rest 24 hours of the day.

Logic would say, “just keep doing those things (or avoiding those things) until they feel better and then you can build up their strength.” This sounds good, except for the fact that I am in a running class.  And the fact that I’m trying to train for a half-marathon to occur in June (for which I am already registered).  Pushing my feet too hard could injure them more and thus eliminate the possibility of doing my race.  But, not running (or doing anything, for that matter) could cause the same eventual effect.

Other logic would suggest going to a podiatrist.  However, when I’ve gone to the podiatrist before (or any kind of doctor) they can never figure out what is wrong.  Also, podiatrists like to peddle the lie that running is the worst activity a human can do, and would just tell me to stop.  I won’t stop running, so there.

But what am I to do?

I have never asked readers for advice, probably because I don’t have many.  But is there anyone out there who has secret knowledge about what may have happened to my feet? I haven’t twisted my ankle or stepped on anything weird or done anything like that.  My best guess is that I overestimated my current foot strength and so my barefoot style running worked them too hard.  But why is rest not making them better? And if it is an injury instead of overwork, why is it in the exact same spot on both feet? What is the deal?

Any suggestions?

One thought on “Bizzaro world confounds my feet!

  1. First, try going to the Layton Hills mall by the food court upstairs and put on a life strength band. See if that helps. It works with ions. If that doesn’t help could it be something that an orthotic would help? I wonder if you need more support than you are getting and it is putting stress on that part of your foot. I’m sorry this is happening. I remember a friend telling me she had some foot problem from over working them with running or something and she had to start cycling. She lives nearby. If you want to talk to her and find out if it’s the same thing, I could give you her number. Just text me if you are interested in talking to her. Good luck figuring out what will cure your ailment.

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