Barefooting it in the snow

Earlier today I felt like going for a walk.  So, I pulled on my giant, bright red rubber boots and hit the snowy trail behind my house.  When I reached a certain spot by the creek, I lay down in the snow.  It was strangely wonderful.  Then, I felt compelled to remove my boots and socks for the trek home, after sitting for a while.

At first the snow was biting! I had to take a break whenever I came across a bare rock.  I ran out of rocks.  I ran a portion of the way, lugging my red boots in one of my arms, socks stuffed into the toe of one.

As I ran, my feet warmed and acclimated.  I slowed to a walk and looked behind at my footprints.  It is odd to see footprints in the shape of a bare foot in the snow, even though they were my own.

When I reached home my feet began to itch as they warmed.  That part was unpleasant, but a quick dip into warm water in the bathtub fixed them right up!

The interesting thing is, my feet currently feel more sensitive.  Not sensitive in a painful way, but sensitive in an aware way.  I like it a lot.  That is one of the reasons wandering around barefoot is so great: you are more aware of what your foot is doing, thus more likely to avoid injury.

I don’t know why wandering barefoot in the snow for a few minutes made my feet more aware of the floor and ground today.  But I am beginning to think snow is good for the sole.

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