Some thoughts on chocolate

I think most of us probably jump at any excuse to eat chocolate.  Someone says it is full of antioxidants, we eat it.  Someone says it lifts your mood, we eat it.  Someone says it will make you see through walls, we eat it.  I love chocolate and I just want to share some thoughts and experiences with this decadent delight.

I often have trouble staying awake in class.  This is ridiculous considering I have insomnia at night.  I have read that blueberries are excellent for giving yourself a burst of energy in a time of crisis.  Unfortunately, blueberries are not in season year-round.  However, chocolate (DARK chocolate) is said to do the same thing.  To reiterate, this has to be the really dark kind of chocolate.  Maybe 70% cacao or higher.  The darker the better.

At the start of this semester I decided to put this dark chocolate to the test at jolting me awake when my head began to nod and my notes became nonsensical scribbles.  I must say, it works.  Eating dark chocolate wakes me up.  I have tried just snacking in general on a variety of foods: dried apples, nuts, cheese, or drinking water.  They have helped a bit, but I recall being in my first year of college falling asleep as a dried apple made its way to my mouth.  It just did not work effectively.  Chocolate, however, does.

The last batch of chocolate I purchased had spicy ingredients, besides just the chocolate.  I opted for the 72% cacao with chili pepper, thinking the spice would add to the awakening power.  Eating chili pepper chocolate is like having a bucket of water dumped on you.  It is instantaneous alertness, which is fantastic for that three-hour evening class I have! The only drawback is it is delicious, so I am tempted to eat it just for eating’s sake.  But I don’t.  I keep it stashed in my backpack, which I really never open except while at school.

My second venture about chocolate is merely a delicious discovery.  Imagine a brownie.  Instead of refined sugar, it is sweetened with pure maple sugar, straight from the tree.  Instead of roller milled, bleached white flour, stoneground wheat flour is used.  And to add just a hint of adventure, crushed, dried lavender is added!

It takes incredible brownies up a few notches to irresistible! Seriously.  It took all my self-control to save one for my stepdad.  My brother lost out.

What is it about the combination of lavender and chocolate that is so amazing? I don’t know.  The flavor is delicately unexpected, yet imbued with subtle familiarity.  Lavender chocolate brownies are one of my grandest accomplishments.

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