Improved sense of smell?

As part of my desire to maintain and improve the health of my mind, body, and spirit, I decided upon the new year that I would only eat refined sugar once a month.  I also decided to do a type of cleanse.  It is a two-week cleanse involving LOADS of vegetables, lots of water, and various other details.

Yesterday happened to be the seventh day of this cleanse.  Before the start of class, I sat in a chair on which a tremendous stream of sunshine landed, reading a book.  Suddenly, there was a commotion about ten feet from the main entrance of the building.  It appeared that a group of students were setting up a table for some such reason.  I was not terribly interested so continued to read my book, it being a fairy tale thus difficult to put down.

As I continued to read, and observed out of the corner of my eye that students kept filtering to the table and back, I noticed an odd smell permeate my nostrils.  It smelled rather like dog food.  I looked at the table to see if it could explain the appearance of such a smell.  The table was topped with muffins.  Muffins.  Smelling like dog food? There certainly was no dog food that I could see anywhere.  Only muffins.

This begged the question, “does cleansing change your sense of smell?” I am wondering if things that smell one way when we eat certain things (like junk type things) smell differently when we fill our bodies only with goodness.  Those muffins certainly smelled awful.  Do sugary breakfasts really smell as good as we think they do? Or does sugar in fact taste and smell bad?

I really cannot know.  All I really know is, muffins that smell like dog food should not be eaten.

2 thoughts on “Improved sense of smell?

  1. That is WILD! I think it must be true. Just like people begin to abhor sin when they surround themselves with goodness, you abhor the smell of junk food after feeding your body only wholesome foods. I like it.

  2. When I’ve done cleanses all my senses seem heightened. I also feel more invigorated and never tired, but sleep better at night. Probably time I did another one.

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