Nature’s way to move

As a human, it is always a good idea to eat healthy food and exercise.  Our bodies are very able to participate in many different forms of movement.  My preference for exercising my heart muscle is to dance and to run.  And the more outdoor activities I can do the better, like hiking, climbing, and biking.

In the winter, however, I often find myself confined to “the gym,” because of bad air quality and temperatures that never fail to make me sick if I combine them with heavy exertion.

If I successfully complete a week with hitting the gym every day, a part of me thinks, “That was great! You made it every day and don’t you feel great??” This is good and positive.  Unfortunately, some other part of me is thinking, “Look at you! You just spent hours and hours in the human version of a hamster wheel.  Way to go.” That part makes me go ick.  That is also the part that makes it so difficult for me to be strict at a winter exercise regime.  I get bored, I feel like a machine exercising on a different machine that doesn’t actually move.  Blech.

Another problem with the gym method of staying in shape is that the underlying reasons for my wanting to go exercise (besides just wanting to have fun) is a desire to reach my body’s potential.  After all, the human body is incredible and capable of doing so many things! It’s fantastic! But also, I want to be able to survive in the event of a dangerous or scary circumstance.  Going to the gym certainly helps with both of these, but not to the extent I would like.  And it really does not prepare my mind.

Luckily, I recently stumbled across a very obvious solution and I cannot believe it did not occur to me before.  It’s slightly embarrassing that I had to read about it instead of think of it.  But, it doesn’t really matter.  The point is, there is a French guy named Erwan Le Corre who is spreading the word about this very obvious solution.  That solution is to “move naturally.” Here is a video to show what I mean.

The basic philosophy is that before the advent of agriculture, about 10,000 years ago, when we were still hunter-gatherers, we moved like this on a daily basis in order to acquire food and survive, thus our bodies are adapted for this kind of movement.  Le Corre is of the mind that modern man has lost his connection to our home, the earth.  But we can reconnect with nature by playing and moving.  I like it.  Just watching the video makes me feel relaxed because of all the natural wonder.

This method doesn’t really help with the bad air that seeps into the valley every winter, and I might still be too cold to attempt it in the snow at first, but I definitely see a solution to going to the gym.

One thought on “Nature’s way to move

  1. i think this is a much more dangerous way to exercise. i look at him and imagine lots of splinters, bruises, scrapes, and risk of injury. it would take a while to work up enough callouses, too. it’s a romantic notion, though. I think it would be more thrilling and I agree that the gym feels like a hamster wheel. But really, it’s freezing. I can see this working well in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Good luck in your quest to keep exercise fulfilling.

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