To improve, or not to improve?

Really, the answer should always be to improve.  Of course.  So, here is what I mean…

I like my blog.  It is a fun way to keep in the habit of writing, even when I am short on time.  But, I have noticed that often my blog writing is not at the quality level that it should be.  Sometimes I don’t feel like editing.  Sometimes I feel lazy and don’t check sources/information.  Sometimes if a line is awkwardly phrased, I don’t change it because I figure, “Hey, it’s just a blog!” I decided to keep a blog to help me to improve my writing, not to be a catch-all for my bad habits.

So, here is what I am proposing: I propose to make sure to work harder at the quality of my blog.  No matter what I am writing about–whether it is a personal crisis, an opinion, an observation, something I’ve learned, whatever–it needs to be my best.  If I feel like doing a lazy write, I need to save it for a notebook or something.

I have let my belief that computer communication is not at all as great as verbal or written communication sidetrack me from doing my best, from not taking seriously this endeavor to have a writing outlet viewable by readers other than myself.  While I still hold that the things I save for notebooks and typewriters (stories, poetry, and such) is my favorite kind of writing, and commonly my best, I should still keep my blog full of quality writing, right?

Also, I feel inclined to add more pictures.  I usually don’t use pictures, just because the point is writing not photography.  But the brain likes visual stimuli, and I just set a goal to carry around my camera and take pictures of everything, which could in turn create more subjects about which to write.

So, my dear readers.  If ever you read a trend of slacking, or you are not seeing enough pictures, remind me! Don’t be nice! I wish to progress, to grow.  Not to fall into a belief that I am a perfect writer and don’t need to change anything.  That is never the case, for any writer.

And there you go.

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