Barefoot Ted–more than just a businessman

I have written multiple times about barefoot running, how much I like it, which minimalist shoes I prefer.  In all, barefoot running is delightful and fun and doesn’t compare to shod running.  It is infinitely better (for scientific evidence supported that landing differently–one of the benefits of barefoot running–ask me.  I’ll give you my views and send you on a research binge for yourself).

My favorite shoe to wear, if I am going to wear anything, is a Luna Sandal created by Barefoot Ted.  The materials are high-quality, the experience of running in them is magnificent! Luna Sandals are amazing.

But today, I feel like writing about Barefoot Ted himself.

Luna Sandals are excellent, as stated above.  There are things to consider when contemplating buying them.  Can they be pricey? Yes.  Are they a sound investment? Absolutely.  They are a good investment because Ted uses such great materials.  And, more than that, if you have a question or problem, Ted himself will help you out.

I just called Ted twice within twenty minutes with questions about a pending order I was making.  Both times it was Ted who answered and helped me out.  He helped me above and beyond what I had expected and what I even needed to be satisfied with his service.  I’ll tell you exactly what happened: I wanted to buy a new sandal.  There was a 25% discount for anyone who had purchased anything within the last year.  My mother also wanted a pair, and there was a 25% discount for anyone buying this particular sandal, as well as any other sandal.  If I had done the math, I would have realized that a 50% discount would be far too much for a business to sustain.  But, I hadn’t thought about it at all so when I couldn’t figure out why I could not input both discounts, I called Ted who told me that two 25% discounts would be too much but that because I was buying a pair of sandals for my mom, he would let me use a special 30% discount.  I would have been absolutely satisfied with only 25% off.  But Ted went the extra mile and told me about a different discount.  He truly is great.

I like that if I have a question, I can talk to the actual creator and founder of the company instead of a mystery person.  I’m sure he has employees, but still! It is fantastic! And, every time I have emailed, I’ve gotten a response surprisingly fast.

Also, Ted actually uses his products.  Pictures and videos alike testify of this.

And furthermore, his factory is located in Seattle, Washington.  It may not be local to Utah, but it is certainly closer than China.

All in all, Luna Sandals are a great buy.  Dealing with Barefoot Ted is a delight in the pursuit of your perfect sandal.  I highly recommend the Sandals, and stand by them for their quality and the quality of the person running the business.

To start the experience for yourself, go to or

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