New Year’s Eve

It is done, I finally did it! I ran around in the snow in my bare feet! It occurred right after Midnight had struck.  It was not as cold as I had expected, which is odd considering that last night was bitterly cold.

So, do I have New Year’s Resolutions? I suppose I do, but the resolve to keep them hasn’t really anything to do with New Year’s.

First, I am determined to not let myself become as stressed as I was at the end of last semester.  Like I said before, it simply is not worth it.  To do this, I will be better at practicing yoga, breathing techniques, taking a step away from the situation to consider if it is worth the stress.  I am sure I will gather other techniques as time progresses.

Second, I want to be better at organizing my time so that I have more time–despite school–to work on my writings.  Not writing contributes to my stress, so this is vital.  Especially because I just love to write!!!

Third, I want to learn a new skill.  I have not decided which one.  There are many things to consider: archery (with awesome wooden bows, not weird plastic things that don’t even look like bows), wing chun kung fu, cake baking (have never been successful at making a good cake.  Only mediocre, at best.), knot tying, get a start on bookbinding, become better at personal finances, better focusing while in class…. The list could go on.  I want to start with just one.

Well, that sums up the highlights of New Year’s Eve and afterthoughts! It was a delightful night, and I look forward to keeping my resolutions!

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