College finals: a complaint

Finals are quickly approaching.  In fact, next week is finals week.  However, in addition to the actual tests I must take, I am required to turn in a paper for each class, the papers needing to be at least seven pages in length.

You might be wondering why, if I have so many papers to write (three) and if I have so much studying to do, am I spending time on my blog? The answer is, my brain died a while back.  It is from this premature death that my complaint stems.

It is the end of the semester.  After three and a half months of waking up early, sitting in cold classrooms, reading drab textbooks, studying, studying, studying, my brain wants no more.  It felt that a few weeks ago was enough and decided to quit.

Here is my complaint: teachers are always assigning so much work at the end! Wouldn’t it be better to have the big papers (at least the big papers) due in the middle of the semester, when we students are no longer in end-of-break shock but are in full swing of school? I submit it would be oodles better! I’ve spent the last half hour trying to write an introduction to one of my papers.  I have two sentences.  One of those sentences is a quotation.  My brain says no.

If it were only papers I had to deal with, it might be more bearable.  But I have to take a test for every class, besides turn in a paper for those same classes! What teacher in their right mind thinks that that much work all at once is conducive to quality writing and test-taking skills?? It is plausible that these papers I am attempting to write will be mediocre at best because I am so brain dead and have to divide my attention too much.

And as for tests, I am not a fan.  The purpose of school is to learn.  I have never felt that tests reflect how much I have learned, regardless of a high or a low score.  To my way of thinking, a test better reflects what are my strengths and weaknesses in any given subject.  Maybe that was once the purpose of tests.  I don’t know.  But these days, tests serve no purpose.  Most students are very concerned with the grade and not the learning.  Because of this, they will have major cram sessions to store information just long enough to get a decent grade on the test, then will immediately forget it all.  So, what’s the point? For me, tests have become more of a formality than anything.  I have never put much stock in formalities.  The word “formality” seems to be a blanket term for “sorry you have to do this.  We’re not quite sure why it is required, but it is so just bear it.” Pointless!

Really, I should get back to staring at my word processor in hopes of my brain turning back on.  So, wish me luck!

P.S. Please read The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins.  Simply incredible! And, I feel, they are important in that 1984 way.  Also, if you have never read 1984, read that as well.

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