A List

This is a list of the things I love about where I live…

*The smell of the trees and my wooden stairs after it rains
*My mountain
*My waterfall
*How secure a hiding place it is when I play Gotcha
*Living above the line of yellow smog that accumulates in the valley
*The roof
*The bizarre architecture
*The absolute knowledge that when our old house was not selling quickly and my mother was worried about losing this home, it would be great.  We’d get it.
*My human neighbors
*My doggy neighbors.  I think the sign that reads “Dead End” should say  “The Dogged End” instead.
*The ridiculously high ceiling in my room that allows me to have a ridiculously tall bookshelf.
*The abundance of wild life that visits.  I especially like the refugee deer who escaped from the Bountiful slaughter.
*That after a major snow storm, if I look out the window above the kitchen sink and glance around to all the other windows, it looks like I’m in the only house for miles.
*The night we moved in, I did cartwheels across the floor.
*My yard was built before landscapers gouged out hills to make them level, thus leaving my backyard nice and sloping.
*It’s haunted house potential.
*Low traffic.
*Despite my being frightened to leave during snow storms, it is an adventure each time.
*In summer, I can see all the green trees below.  In fall, I can see all the golds, browns, reds, and yellows.  In winter, I can see all the lights and the plows.  In spring, I can see all the blossoms.
*Random holes/storage spaces.
*The ghost
*My first week living here, a giant wolf spider visited my room.
*We don’t have a front yard.  Only a forest.
*A little sprig of a plant found a way to grow just inside our front door.
*Our garden

I recently realized how the delight I initially felt upon moving into my current dwelling place has slipped into a state of forgetting what I have.  Not every house has easy access to a waterfall.  Not every neighborhood is overrun with dogs.  Not every street is a dead end.  I’ve always loved this place.  But only recently did I remember just how much.  Some call it a fairy tale world, some call it a haunted house, some call it the weirdest design for a house they’ve ever seen.  Whatever you call it, it is a wonderful place to be.  Not just for the house itself, but for the elements surrounding it.  Especially for the elements surrounding it.  I hope I don’t forget again.

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