Under Pressure

Preliminary preparations for experiment: check.

Today I did not run around in the snow barefoot.  I did play in the snow, however.  The snow on campus (on concrete, no less) was about a foot and a half deep today.  It went to my knee.  I decided to forgo the barefoot plan until tomorrow because I will have a car tomorrow, and thus a heater.  I may be willing to run around in the snow barefoot for some inexplicable reason, but I am still a wuss in the cold.

Today before classes started, I put “Under Pressure” on my ipod and commenced to frolic.  I ran through the giant snowdrift that covered the part of campus that is a giant slab of concrete, kicking and spinning as I went.  It especially got crazy when the part in the song that goes, “why can’t we give ourselves one more chance…” began to play.  At one point I deliberately fell backward into the snow.  It was so powdery today, it was like landing in a pile of fluffy cotton.  Except cold.

It is interesting to watch people out of the corner of your eye as you go nuts on campus.  People like to watch your odd behavior, but they don’t want to be acknowledged in their observations.  Maybe they are worried about appearing to be rude.  Maybe they don’t want to be associated with out of the ordinary events.  It’s tough to say.

Lesson of the day: listening to “Under pressure” may result in a bout of frolicking gladness.  Listen to with caution.  Or not.

2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. I love you! How funny! Okay, they look but don’t show it because they don’t want you to have the satisfaction of their attention. You know if people stare than you get the attention you want. SO, they don’t want to reward you for being a freak. I think it goes back to the whole “You Are Special” book by Max Lucado (children’s book – sorry, I’m immersed in being a mom so all my references come from children’s books). I love that you frolicked. I would have totally joined you! I am totally geek – more than anyone else ever – and don’t mind what people think of me! I’m 30 and it comes with the territory. Anyone who still cares at 30 is just immature for their age. 🙂 I hope you let loose some more. Enjoy.

  2. This sounds amazing. So many people are so busy trying to blend in and avoid embarrassment that they miss a lot of the greatest parts of life. I don’t subscribe to that practice and I can see that you don’t either. Nice.

    P.S. The song that sends me frolicking these days is “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” by Mayer Hawthorne. It’s highly recommended…….by me.

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