Thanksgiving list!!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I have decided to create a list of things for which I am thankful!

*My typewriter

*Bob Dylan’s music

*Olive oil

*Norwegian Wood

*On the Divinity of Second Chances (book)

*The smell of autumn leaves

*Gene Kelly

*My ability to move and groove

*Chile peppers drying in the window

*My trip to Italy

*The farmers’ market

*Chad’s winter market

*Django Reinhardt

*Tofu and rice


*Learning things

*The day I decided to make peace with the University of Utah

*Bare feet

*My Utah desert

*Stacks of books

*When I learn about things I had never ever before heard of

*The prospect of perfecting my cake baking skills (the one thing in this world I have a difficult time baking.  There’s a lesson in humility for you!)

*Vitamin D

*Lotion that works well on dry skin (surprisingly difficult to find)

*Swing music

*Fairy tales

*Line dried towels

*The Rocky Mountains

*Snowball fights

*Pumpkin pie made from a real pumpkin instead of from a can

*Public bathrooms that don’t cost 50 cents


*Finding the perfect book with which to write a research paper



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving list!!

  1. Wonderful, I too am thankful for some of these things. I think I’ll make a Thankful list as well. Have an excellent Thanksgiving!

  2. These are super-cool! I laughed about the public bathroom that you don’t have to pay for. Is that how it is in Italy? Good list. I don’t know, are you loving your Utah Dessert covered in snow? I bet you are feeling like a move to AZ would do you good right about now. 🙂

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