The Lost Heart

This is a story I wrote a while ago.  I haven’t revised it at all.  I seem to have a problem wherein once I finish the first draft of a story I am eager for the next story so don’t go back and revise.  Problem.  But, this blog is entitled “Adventures in Writing” so I feel I should periodically post an actual poem or story in addition to my common ramblings.  So, here you go…

Once upon a time, there was a girl with long, long hair.  Her hair was melted chocolate and erupted in curls from her head.

She was a princess with a restless spirit.  Instead of sleeping snugly in her tall tower, she would sneak out her window and explore the village below.

She would wrap herself in a ragged cloak she’d found and blend with the villagers, seeing and smelling and hearing and tasting the life from which her position kept her hidden.

Among the crowds she was nothing more than an ordinary villager.  No one gave her a second look when she ordered ales or bartered for silks or would bend to observe a flower.  No one until that full moon summer night.

That night, as the princess laughed at juggling street performers, a man approached her.  He walked slowly and smiled when he caught her eye.  He was tall and had eyes like the seas as it glistens in the sun.  His countenance was one of pure kindness and peace.

The princess glanced around at his approach, in shock and confusion.  Who would be smiling at her while she was dressed in the wardrobe of a hag?

And yet, he came nearer.  When he reached her, his smile grew, his countenance shined even brighter.

“Good evening, Princess,” the man whispered.

Startled, the Princess replied, “I don’t know what you mean.  I am no princess.”

The man chuckled deeply, his ocean eyes sparkling.  “You needn’t be alarmed,” he said, ” have no desire to expose you or harm your.  I simply see you for what you are, Princess.”

The princess eyed him with wonder and question.  When she finally gained the nerve to gaze into his eyes, she felt a warmth and peace she before had only found amidst the most exciting of her escapades. “Will you walk with me?” she asked.

He smiled and held his hand out to her.

They walked.  They talked.  The Princess grew in peace and joy.  She loved him.

He walked her to the base of her tower, gripping her hand for longer than was necessary.  “Will you find me tomorrow?” she asked.

“Anything you wish I will do.”

The next night when the Princess sneaked out of her tower, she met the man first thing.  Once more they wandered and loved, laughing at nothing in particular, just blissful to be together.

And so it went, until one night when the princess and the man met, the Princess had a gift prepared for him.  A box made of decadent gold, reflecting like dew drops in the moonlight.

“Inside is my heart.  My wish is for you to keep it.”

The man took it joyfully.  He promised to return the next night, only he would meet her at her tower instead of the village.

And so, with the joy which always accompanies the new beginnings of love, the Princess readied herself for the man’s arrival: shimmering pearls in her hair, fragrant flowers nestled behind her ears.  When the expected time of arrival came, the Princess went to the grand window of her tower so she could watch for him.  Eagerly she waite.

And waited.

And waited…

The end.

Admittedly, not my favorite.  But, there you go!

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