Sleepy, yet forgoing sleep…

Do you ever find yourself in a mood in which, though you are sleepy or have things to do, you are simply contemplative? Tonight I contemplate the odd behavior of some people, how to create a revolution.  Both subjects are unrelated.  I would rather like to wander barefoot among flowers, wiggling my toes into the soil.  Maybe with Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy diamond” playing in the background, source unknown.

For now, I think I’ll write a poem.  No editing allowed.  This time, no paper.  Just from my heart to you, my few readers.


The source unknown,

the clamoring ascending.

That which we called love,

is ending, ending.

Tonight the nuances of confusion,

tomorrow the rays of hope

sighing the ache away

while a glance behind warrants

no desire for return.

Is this the time?

Have the hands struck the Holy hour?

You can’t know until you move.



The weeping ends.

The world shines on.


And there you go! A midnight poem! No editing, like I promised.  It is fun to not edit.  Editing can be such a downer.  Even if the first draft isn’t all that great, editing seems to have a knack for removing–at least to a degree–that raw idea and feeling.  So, no editing this time.  Good night!

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