As we approach election day…

Election Day is next week.  Candidates are scrambling, voters are attempting to translate claims, and the days are getting colder (sort of).

I have only voted in one election since reaching the legal age, and that was the Presidential Election of 2008.  In case you are wondering, I voted for neither of the big guys.

Here is my current dilemma: I have an inherent distrust of anyone running for office.  It seems to me they will say anything to get votes, whether they mean it or not.  Further, this current trend of absolute Republican v. Democrat, instead of focusing on the country’s needs as a whole is infuriating! Yes, the parties are different.  Yes, they don’t always agree.  But, I feel that nowadays the opposing parties are more concerned with bashing each other and playing a “he said, she said” game like they are still in 1st grade, instead of keeping the well-being of the country in mind.

So, here it is: my list of what I absolutely will not vote for (to the best of my ability and what is currently possible)…

*I will not vote for anyone who is a mudslinger.  What do I care about how good at gossiping and pointing fingers a person is? Just tell me your position and give me the respect of being able to look into the other guy as well, without enhancing the already busy rumor mill.

*I will not vote for anyone who voted for the Health Bill.  Regardless of whether a person thinks all these mysterious reforms are good or not (does anyone really know?) it is difficult to argue against the fact that it is mandatory that every American have it.  Last I checked, forcing citizens (also known as stealing agency) to have something like healthcare (if it helps in comprehension of my meaning, replace ‘healthcare’ with ‘dark, leafy greens at every meal’), is one step closer to having the government make day-to-day decisions for you.  Imagine George Orwell’s 1984 as a reality.  Seems out of the question, right? Well, totalitarianism has to start somewhere.  And that somewhere is usually something seemingly small.

*I will do my utter best to only vote for candidates that do not receive funding from out of state or companies more interested in perks and prizes than the well-being of the state and the country.

*I will not vote for anyone who has no issue with destroying the family before it even begins.  Yes, I mean abortion.    Children are difficult.  But they are not a burden.  And they should not suffer from our adult mistakes.

How about some things I will vote for?

*I will vote for those who recognize the need and support the survival of small business.

*I will vote for people who prefer to keep toxic waste out of Utah.  After all, Utah may be a desert and thus misconstrued as a wasteland, but it is my desert, my home, and it is hardly a wasteland.

*I will vote for candidates who trust me and my fellow citizens to think for ourselves, and rely on our own survival skills instead of determining that the government knows all therefore must control all.

*I will vote for people who remain loyal to the voice of the people, instead of his or her own agenda and political goals.  You see, I would rather a candidate speak for the people (that is his job, right?) even if the people are absolutely crazy and are choosing the worst option, than a candidate take over and act like a babysitter or king.  This is a democracy, not a monarchy or dictatorship.  The voice and representation of the people is imperative.

*If any candidate is thinking 35% of income is too high a percentage to be taxed and wants to reduce it, that would be ideal.  Consider this: with that rate, if you make $1,000.00 you only receive $650.00.  Bogus!!

Well, that is enough politicking for one day.  Make sure to vote! The internet is often a difficult place to separate facts from fiction, but a line from HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels, quoting Alice Paul is very applicable whether it she said it in real life or not: A vote is a fire escape (in reference to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire).  So, get out there and vote!

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