Something silly…

I was just reading in one of my textbooks and came across the abbreviation ‘B.C.E.’, which stands for “before the common era.” Growing up with using ‘B.C.’ instead, I was wondering if they marked different periods of time.  They don’t.  It is a growing trend to use “before the common era” instead of “before Christ.”

It is possible that my understanding and projection of empathy is limited, but I think this is silly.  The shift is taking place because our civilizations are global, and not all people are Christian.  Okay.  But, even if a person denies that Christ was the Son of God, no one denies he existed and that he had a profound impact on the course of history throughout the globe.  And because B.C.E refers to the same time, why does it matter? Even if you say B.C.E instead of B.C. you are still referring to the birth of Christ, because that is the marking point no matter the name.  So why bother changing?

I’m not harping on something I find extremely offensive.  I just think it is silly.  It’s kind of like replacing the word “race” with “ethnicity.” It might sound more politically correct or whatever it is you are searching for, but it means the same thing.

Just some thoughts, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Something silly…

  1. Politically correct is so un-politically correct. I agree with your point 100 percent! I’m sick of all the political correctness. What does the ‘common era’ mean anyway. Nothing.

    • common means that we all agree it was before Christ! i’m with you here. i believe all the political not us commoners need corectness!

      In God We Trust!

  2. I love this! Yes, B.C.E. is stupid. Political Correctness is just making a mess of things. Why can’t we call them waitresses and mailmen. Who cares that they are men or women. We don’t have a separate name for nurses if they are boys. Anyway. I guess that all gets messier but Before Christ is totally easier to understand than before the common era. Weird. Interesting observation.

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