A couple of opinions…

Hey, what do you know! Tamsen is expressing her opinion! Moving on….

#1: The United States should convert to the metric system.  For bakers and scientists alike trying to work with both the metric system and our method is ridiculously obnoxious and seems a waste of time considering the rest of the world is on the metric system.  And speaking of the rest of the world, we are increasingly encountering globalization and as such it is just plain silly to be the only country not using the metric system.  Honestly.  When I went to Italy, when I read the weather report and learned that it would reach 23 degrees that day, I had no idea what it meant.  My brain just couldn’t wrap around it (it’s about 73 degrees fahrenheit, by the way).  Could we please just switch over now? Please?

#2: The book In Defense of Food should be required reading.  I wrote a post about this book in July, I think it was.  It is very simple and true.  The final advice the author gives is, “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.” Pretty straightforward, except maybe the eat food part.  Briefly, what he means is that most of the “food” that the average American eats isn’t real food.  It is a mix of man-made nutrients (as opposed to being created naturally, already in the food, etc.) and weird things that can’t be imagined or pronounced.  Other than that, it’s pretty easy to understand his advice.  Read it!! It is excellent!!

One thought on “A couple of opinions…

  1. Nice. I like your thoughts here. The book sounds like a good idea as required reading. Our world in general is pretty messed up when it comes to food. I wish we could all go back to real food but after tasting the yummy, man-made concoctions, it is hard to go back completely. I don’t know if I can go to the metric system. I love that 73 is warm – 23 is too small a number to tell me that it’s warm out. I don’t know if we can do it, girl. We are a pretty stubborn lot.

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