I just read an article in the Tribune about how the school board in Salt Lake is working to put in place a ban on harassment towards the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community, adding to the preexisting list that also bans harassment towards race, religion, etc.  My big question is, why is there a list? Shouldn’t harassment of any kind be a problem? Whether it be because of religion, skin color, height, weight, hairstyle, status, sexual orientation, heritage, diet, age, etc., harassment is harassment.  I really think there should just be a blanket “No Harassment” rule in schools.  Why is there an article about adding to the list? This is just bizarre.

Seriously.  Regardless of whatever beliefs we each have, harassment is simply not okay.  So why are we slowly compiling a list of the kinds of harassment that aren’t okay? There isn’t a single kind of harassment that is okay.   No matter what you believe, harassment is bad.  Making people feel afraid is detrimental.  Does this seem weird to anyone else?

2 thoughts on “Really?

  1. It’s because each of those groups have an agenda. The schools are afraid of that agenda so they make specific reference to the group so the group will leave them alone–or won’t sue them. It’s PC to make the list. This is weird, and PC is weird. You’re right…harassment in any form is harassment.

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