Writing, writing, writing…

Months ago I began a fairy tale.  I am quite happy with this fairy tale except for one detail that hardly makes sense even to me, the author.

Oh, what to do with it??

Sometimes, the words and ideas flow as gracefully as a dandelion swaying in the sunlight.  Other times it is tricky to find the balance of natural, wonderful flow and working hard to make it happen.  Though, I don’t like the phrase, “make it happen.” If you force writing too much, it sounds forced and awful.  But, if you just hang around waiting for it to come without trying you won’t get anywhere.  The balance can be tricky.

I don’t even know if it something that can be taught by someone else.  It feels like something you must teach yourself because there isn’t a set method to writing.

There are so many books out there trying to teach people how to write.  I suppose each one has good advice, though the only one that has done any good for me is Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury (it seems that if I read any other “How to Write” book I start thinking about it too much and ruin everything).  The authors of all these books write about what works for them.  And that is fantastic!! Unfortunately, writing isn’t like math.  There is not set formula.  It is good to take advice from experienced writers, but what it really comes down to is figuring out what works for you.

Many authors do extensive outlines.  Others don’t necessarily write in order of events/plot.  Neither of these things work for me.  I hate outlining, get too distracted and frustrated.  And writing the middle section before the beginning drives me nuts! Even if my original idea springs from somewhere in the middle, all I can do is write notes on that part and then start at the beginning.

Writing is interesting.  And lovely.  And life giving.  I still don’t know what to do with that one detail from my fairy tale, but I adore the process!!!!

2 thoughts on “Writing, writing, writing…

  1. I think it’s like most things. Learn the basics and the fundamental of writing and use those as the foundation for your creativity. Sticking to those basics will always free your creativity and allow you to do it in a way that is as you said, ‘what works for you.’

  2. Interesting. So, are you saying there is a detail in your story that you don’t know what to do with? Have you asked your friends? mother? brother? I wonder if that would help. Did you put it aside a while and then bring it out again and look through it after a long break? Did you rewrite that portion without looking at the old writing and see what comes out of that? I’d love to hear what you have already done to figure this one out. I have a similar dilemma and I’d love to know if you solve this one. Just keep at it! I hope exciting things for you.

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