My nomination for woman of the year…

…Shannon Hale!

Shannon Hale is a contemporary author whose works include numerous fairy tales, an interesting take on an obsessed Austen fan, graphic novels, and even a tale about a Mormon housewife in cahoots with a Hollywood actor.  Her literary prowess is phenomenal.  Her books are the kind that I re-read over and over and over.  I read them when I am happy.  I read them when I am sad.  I read them when the real world is just too much or too little to take.

But, despite all the literary work she has done that I absolutely adore, her books are hardly the only reason I nominate her for woman of the year.

Currently, Shannon Hale is the mother of two, with twins on the way.  She is on bed rest but finds a way to keep her two kids alive and blog everyday about what it is like to be preggo with twins while on bed rest.  She is literally Superwoman!

But, that’s not all.  She comes from a conservative state: Utah.  Like me.  She is LDS.  Like me.  Though she is from a conservative upbringing, she hardly blends with the crowds.  She knows what trials still face women as a group today and isn’t afraid to shout about it.  She isn’t taken in by the lie that because women have gained suffrage and equality in the workplace the attack on women is over.  It is far from over.  It is only more subtle.

For example, today on Shannon Hale’s blog, she wrote about how a Christian professor in Missouri wants the novel Speak to be banned.  I have never read Speak.  But apparently, it is about a girl who was raped and decided not to say anything about it.  The guy from Missouri wants it banned because it is “soft porn.”

So, it isn’t enough that our society is automatically suspicious of any girl who claims to be a victim of rape or attempted rape, now we have a professor claiming that a book that is about a girl’s experience with the subject is porn.  Problem?

I acknowledge that women are not the only one’s raped.  Men are raped as well.  But, I think we will all agree that women are far more likely to fall victim and men are far more likely to attack.  Thus, this attack on a book about rape becomes an attack on women who have been victims, women who likely had a hard time speaking up if they spoke at all.

Anyway, Shannon Hale rocks! I love her books! I have met her and love what she has to say.  I love that she speaks her mind in a far more tactful manner than I usually manage to achieve.  I love her Supermom status! And so, Shannon Hale gets my vote for Woman of the Year.

3 thoughts on “My nomination for woman of the year…

  1. Well, I wonder about the book. I think if Speak is illustrating rape in a way that excites a man then maybe it should be banned. You know, if it glorifies the act of rape. But if it gives girls entitlement to speak up and end the cycle then it’s good. Usually I don’t like the idea of banning books. Interesting. I would like to know Shannon Hales Blog site. Two kids with twins on the way-wow. That sounds like a fun one. I’ve only read the one book of hers and I like it. She has a beautiful style. I’ll have to read more. I don’t get into contemporary lit much. Cool stuff, Tamsen.

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