She & Him…

Two days ago I went to a free concert in the park.  I went to see the band She & Him, a band featuring Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.  As She & Him is one of my favorite bands ever, this was quite a big deal.

I arrived early to get as close to the stage as I possibly could.  Being on the short side in height this was quite a necessity.

This was one of the best shows I have ever been to.  In fact, it might be the very best.  I can think of no other concert at which I almost started to cry because I was so thrilled.  Zooey and Matt played so well together.  And that guy who played with them who wore a straw hat, big glasses, and had long white hair and a white beard just added to the wonder.  I loved the tambourines and that Zooey Deschanel would periodically skip from one microphone to the piano instead of walking.  But, most of all, I loved M. Ward.

Three musicians have changed my life.  I am not a musician so I can’t explain exactly what a musician changing my life entails.  All I know is that when I began to listen to these three musicians, there was a noticeable shift in my life.  These three are… Django Reinhardt, Buddy Holly, and M. Ward.  And two days ago, I saw M. Ward live.  He even played a few songs from his solo career.

My heart stopped when he began to play Rave On.  Rave On is a Buddy Holly song.  Obviously, I will never see Buddy Holly play, seeing as how he’s dead.  But, seeing M. Ward play a Buddy Holly song was good enough.  One life-changer playing another’s song in addition to his own songs.  And, he played Roll Over Beethoven!  It was utterly fantastic!

M. Ward is one of the greatest musicians of our time.  If I were to describe his voice, I would say it were smokey and echo-y.  I love that if you look up photographs of M. Ward he is almost never looking at the camera and often wearing sunglasses.  I love that he changed my life and is still alive.  Quite simply, M. Ward is superlative.

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