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Traveling and writing, two things I simply cannot get enough of.  As I contemplate the new semester that is fast approaching, I feel that now all too familiar dread that I am paying thousands of dollars to get a degree that really does noting to help me reach my ultimate goals in life: travel, write, bookstore, help the world.

It has occurred to me that I really enjoyed writing about my travels on this blog.  So, what if I became a travel writer? But, how does one do that? I have no idea! Any ideas? Because, truly, this semi-annual educational crisis I face at the start of every semester is starting to be a great aggravator.

One thought on “Travel writer…

  1. Tamsen,

    Experience in journalism is a big plus. Working for a small town newspaper, a local magazine etc. My friend Walls who lives up in Toronto writes about his travels–mostly fly fishing trips. He writes because he loves to write and during his trips he seeks for the interesting stories and facts. At the end of his articles readers have a great understanding of the location, the people who live or recreate there, and what and where the best amenities are. He posts his writings on his blog:

    The other thing he did was research the top magazines that he likes as well as those that could publish his stories. He finds out what their story submission rules are. Some take contributed articles from select individuals from their audience, others will consider and ‘purchase’ your story as a freelance writer. Most magazines have some sort of submission rules. As you get published, you can start selling yourself as a freelance journalist willing to take on story assignments for a variety of publications on a freelance basis–in your case travel. With a little experience doing that the possibilities increase of becoming a staff writer for a publication at which time you apply for those positions much as you would any job.

    Doing this, Walls has been published a few times. His goal is to get published once in a while, but he doesn’t have aspirations to be a full-time writer I don’t think–maybe he does now that I’m thinking about it.

    If you find out those submission rules you can prepare an ‘article pitch’ for a publication before you go on a trip…develop an angle with the editor and when you’re on your trip you can develop the angles and facts for the story. You can also go on a trip, write a story and then try to pitch it. You should probably try both methods.

    Caution: You have to be careful about submitting the same story to multiple publications. They don’t like that. You need to be prepared to have different stories for different pubs or at least different angles of the same story.

    Take Journalism 101 as one of your electives. You’ll learn a lot in that one class. Also, consider PR 101. You’ll learn a lot about what I do and how to approach the media with story ideas.


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