The stars… they simply disappeared!

Most of us have gone camping and thus gone to bed with a sky overwhelmingly full of stars and have then awoken to the wonder that is a morning.

But, have you ever been outside a tent and foregone the sleep part? I have.  Just last night/this morning, in fact.  As I type this I have a strange and intense desire to eat pizza, my dream/awake state is convinced we live in a communal way, and my stomach can’t decide what time of day it is.  These feelings mingle together to make for an odd mixing of day and night.

But, oh the stars and the sun!

I am fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood far away enough from a city that I can see more stars in the night sky than the average city or suburb dweller.  And so, the stars shone like the mighty and fantastical and beatific beings of dust they are.

They twinkled and laughed and gazed.  An occasional one would leave its heralded place in the sky and chase a mysterious something across the sky.

Then, almost suddenly it seemed, the stars began to say their goodbyes.  The sky, instead of remaining its characteristic inky self, transpired into a faded version, more oceanic.  It continued this route of melting away until the stars had winked their final wink and the sun began to smile behind the mountain, leaving the sky a whispered blue, hardly reminiscent of what had filled its being for hours before.  I was awake for all this.

Not necessarily paying attention the entire time, as sleep was battling for victory, but aware nonetheless, the experience of being awake during the shift from countless stars to breaking sun is something everyone should try.  Only, make sure you have no commitments the next day.

One thought on “The stars… they simply disappeared!

  1. fun! I’ve always wondered how that happens. I’ve never been there for that moment when night gives way to day. beautiful-as always.

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