Observations about Italians and Italy…

1. Though very small cars are common, the number of “normal” sized cars is quite large.  There are even a few SUV’s.

2. Italians walk quickly.

3. Italians do not stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

4. Italians are very good at not hitting pedestrians who manage to get into the street.

5. Most Italians are very happy and sociable, but those who work at the tabacchi are typically grumpy.

6. Italians like American music.

7. The idea of a soft cookie has not made it over to Italy.

8. Most Italians know English, making learning Italian difficult for those who speak English as their mother-tongue.

9. The idea most Americans have of authentic pizza is incorrect.

10. Dare I say it…. French bread is better.

11. Everyone cries at Palio goings on.

12. Italians draw the number one differently than we do.

13. Italians like Birkenstocks.

14. Medicines and pills are not advertised anywhere but in the Pharmacia.

15. Most Italians run correctly, landing on the front of the foot instead of the heel.

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