First sights and advice for american travelers…

I have been in Paris for only a few hours but I think I love it.  All I’ve done is walk around and look at streets and signs, but it is lovely.  Except for that one guy who was peeing on the wall near Sacre Couer.  More on Paris later.

As an American travelling through Europe, I am often dismayed at the behavior of other Americans.  For example, on the train today, there was an American man clipping his finger nails.  This is obnoxious and rude even on a bus or train in the U.S., but that behavior gives other non-rude Americans a bad image.

Also, to all you girls: traveling abroad does not give you the right to act like a slut! Stop it!!! Besides endangering yourself, you give other American girls a bad image and endanger them as well.  I have noted a stereotype that American girls are crazy, easy, and love to get drunk.  This exists because many American girls, who do not necessarily behave this way at home, go crazy abroad.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  STOP! As someone who prefers a more reserved lifestyle, I don’t care to be given that sly smile from European men who think that because I am an American I will go crazy with them.  Creepy.

Also, male or female, don’t get wasted.  At least in Italy, no one gets completely wasted.  They drink socially, but that is it.  When you get completely wasted, you make yourself an easy target and, once more, give other Americans a bad image.  I don’t think all or most Americans are idiots at travel.  But, the idiots are the ones who stand out to the locals.

For some reason, many Americans don’t feel the need to adapt to their surroundings, unlike other travelers.  I feel this is one reason Americans are often considered idiotic.  So, let us adapt and behave and be smart.

One thought on “First sights and advice for american travelers…

  1. This is so interesting. You are such a good people watcher. I love the things you have noticed. The clipping fingernails thing is awful. Men can be so gross?

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