Cinque Terre…

This weekend I went to Le Cinque Terre, the five lands.  It is a beautiful coastal place in the northern part of Italy. 

I did not bring my swimming suit from home, but it did not matter.  The sea welcomes you whether you are in bits of clothing designed for water, or in some shorts and a tank top you picked up in Siena. 

The ocean at Cinque Terre is a variation of green and blue I had yet to see anywhere else.  It is more aquamarine in color than other oceans I have been to. 

And the buildings are all manner of colors! They are rarely the same color but change as though the mood of each inhabitant is revealed through the paint. 

While in Cinque Terre, I ate swordfish.  Yep, swordfish.  It was quite good in my spaghetti with olive oil and tomatoes and oregano.

2 thoughts on “Cinque Terre…

  1. Wow! I’m glad you enjoyed the swordfish. I’m with you, who needs modern swimwear. It is completely unrealistic anyway. Now, if you had a change of clothes so you didn’t have to remain wet, that might have been nice.

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