Italian food…

Italian food is absolutely delicious! I have yet to eat anything I didn’t like.  Gelato, pizza, pasta, strange pasta-less ravioli.  Everything is good.  Unfortunately, though Italian food is wonderful, it is not the best for a vegetarian.

Because I don’t eat the pasta or pizza or sandwiches that have meat, I am having a hard time getting enough protein and am starting to feel sick.  For some reason, it did not even occur to me to consider how I would supplement my diet with protein, before I left.  I forgot how much I rely upon Mexican and Thai and Indian and many other kinds of food to get enough protein.

What is more, though I still love Italian food, eating it for every meal everyday is very hard.  It is heavy and rich and low in protein.  Also, fruit season doesn’t begin in Italy until around July.  Thus, I am having a hard time coming across edible fruits and veggies.  I have settled on buying a piece or two everyday and forcing it down even if it isn’t that great.  Yesterday, I did find an amazing pear.

Today, I am planning on going to the grocery store to get rice and beans (yes, I have found beans).  My plan is to eat like I did in Peru, to a large degree.  In Peru I had rice, a legume, and fresh fruit everyday for both lunch and dinner.  Breakfast was slightly different.

Don’t get me wrong, Italian food is some of the best food I have ever had in my entire life.  But me body, which is used to variety and lighter, fresher food, is having a hard time adjusting to consuming only straight-up Italian.

Something interesting: recall Settebello? It is super delicious.  And pretty close to authentic.  But, it is too soft with too much on the top.  An authentic Italian pizza should be able to be lifted by hand without having the middle sink.  But, I still love Settebello Pizzeria.  It is delicious.

One thought on “Italian food…

  1. How do those Italians survive? No fruit. I would miss all the fresh fruits and vegies. I hope the rice and beans are working for you. How very interesting. You eat fish though, right? That’s good protein. If you had the money and loved shrimp you could do very well. I know shrimp has TONS of protein. A nice bag full of almonds would be good too. Good luck with all this stuff. Diet is an important thing.

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