An oddity…

In Europe, there are such things as public restrooms.  Unfortunately, one must pay 50 cents to use them.  Thus far, I have paid 1 euro fifty for public bathrooms.  Each time I have paid, the phrase, “Free to pee! Free to pee!” from Bridge to Terabithia comes to mind.  I just can’t figure out why one must pay to do something that is such a vital part of being human.  What if one has not money? It seems unfair.  But, I do not know the motives behind the fifty cents, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain as of yet. 

Another oddity, I read Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare in about four days, which I thought was a long while to read a play, plays being designed to view in a two-hour period.  But, all my friends seem to think I read it very quickly.  Are my perceptions askew?

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