Introduction to Siena…

I have been in Siena for about a week now. 

Siena is a small Medievel city, complete with winding streets and a city wall. 

Like Florence, people and cars and motorbikes intermingle in the streets instead of having designated spaces.  The streets are so narrow, there is no other option if motorized vehicles are going to be allowed.  Fortunately, there are more people than cars. 

There is no vegetation in Siena.  There are a few potted plants and the occasional weed manages to find a hold between bricks every so often, but besides that there are no plants.  There is no room for them to grow.  This remains true only within the actual wall.  It is a blessing for me that my apartment is a mile’s walk from the city wall, on which route I am surrounded by trees, poppies, dandelions, and all manner of plants. 

Despite the lack of grass, there are dogs here.  It seems they are trained to only go to the bathroom on the edge of the streets to make it less likely someone will step in it. 

My walk to school consists of a rather busy road (narrow like all the others).  I stick to the shoulder, which is about seven inches wide and haven’t been hit yet.  Though, whenever two vehicles going opposite directions come at the same time, it is spooky.

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