An amusing story for anti-vegetarian enthusiasts…

Today, I felt like eating real Italian pasta.  So, I wandered around with two Chinese girls I met at my hostel and we chose a place to eat.  I ordered tortellini con funghi, expecting the mushrooms to be inside the tortellini.  To my surprise the mushrooms were on the outside, which was still fine until I actually bit the pasta.  Instead of cheese or sauce, prosciutto (ham) was inside.  Somehow managing to remain calm and not puke, I spent the next while removing the ham before eating each tortellini.  It became tiresome so I eventually left in search of a small something to supplement.  I settled on a Belgian waffle (a la Belgium style, not American.  Think Pierre–if you know what I’m talking about–and you’ll understand) with Nutella.  Of course it was delicious.  There are waffles in almost every gelateria and they looked delicious, but I had determined to avoid them because I am in Italy not Belgium.  But, it was good and finished filling me so it is okay.  Although, Pierre is right.  Belgian chocolate is much better than Nutella for waffles.

Also, I learned to never order water.  I ordered water thinking it would be a glass of water.  Instead, I got a huge glass bottle that cost me 3 Euros.

Now I know, never order water and always ask… che cos’e senza il carne?

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