I was born barefoot and I will run barefoot…

Since posting something about a new found way of running, I have begun to run barefoot.  Or, as barefoot as I can.  It is currently too cold to run completely barefoot and my gym doesn’t allow bare feet.  So, I bought some “barefoot shoes.” They are called Vibram Five Fingers and they are wonderful!

Most people who have commented on my new shoes say they are goofy and weird.      They may be correct, but my feet are loving these shoes!

I have been running in these shoes for two weeks and these are my thoughts so far…

Though I have long loved running, after switching to “bare feet” running is  immediately more fun.  It’s like running to the playground after the bell for the start  of recess has rung.  Automatically my form became better and my irrational fear of  ever becoming a “shuffle” runner disappeared.

I’ve always thought of running as something that should be a natural human activity.  Running barefoot makes it just that.  No odd shaped boxes impede your step, and your legs move forward with simple and easy grace.

My recommendation: kick off your regular “running” shoes and go barefoot.  The transition is bliss.  I will warn, however, that while your body is transitioning, your calves kill! Stretch well and take it slow: ten-fifteen minute runs.  Barefoot running is well worth the extra soreness, though.  It is a delight.

3 thoughts on “I was born barefoot and I will run barefoot…

  1. Planning on buying some – along with half of the people climbing Angel’s Landing last week. You should get a commission!

  2. I was a the running store last week and fivefingers were made to be more natural when running trails/grass because back in the day they didn’t have shoes, they could only run bare footed. But, they also didn’t have paved roads that they ran on. The lady at the running store informed me that using them to run long distances on paved roads or in races could sorta screw your legs/knees/shins up, other then that, I have no idea, because I have not tried them or researched them at all. I just was asking about them at the store. I hope they continue being awesome!

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