A new way of running…

Today I discovered something tremendously wonderful! It is called barefoot running! I’ve been researching it and discovered that when one runs with regular “running” shoes, one strikes the ground with the heel.  This causes the entire impact of the step to land on one point, putting a lot of pressure on your joints.  I’ve observed this jarring effect to be true of my own running.  Landing heel first is a bad idea.  The best way to land is to strike at the front ends of your metatarsals.  This lets the impact spread throughout your entire foot instead of just one place.  The problem is, running shoes have a built in heel, making landing anywhere besides your heel difficult.  Also, they have an inflexible sole that doesn’t allow your foot to move like it should while you are running.  I read something by a guy who was born and raised in Africa (with no shoes) and he is of the opinion that shoes are just a bad idea in general.

Anyway, I haven’t tried it for myself yet, because the ground is cold and the gym I go to doesn’t allow bare feet.  But I am excited to see how the change effects my running.  Should be good.

One thought on “A new way of running…

  1. My brother-in-law is doing that. He’s been doing a lot of research on it too. He found these little barefoot protector things and I think he is already trying it out. I would be worried about glass or rocks hurting my tootsies. Good luck.

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