I’m sure there is a scientific explanation for why women love chocolate so much, particularly if we are feeling down or stressed.  Today, however, I am not talking science.  I am merely wondering: why does chocolate have such an effect on the average woman? Today has been somewhat stressful and even thinking about chocolate makes me feel a little better (it could be that thinking about it makes me feel better only within the context of obtaining said chocolate).  I am contemplating baking brownies that have no sugar and no butter.  Not as delicious as full-blown sugary, fatty brownies, but still, the chocolate involved makes them sound like the best thing I could do for myself today.  Why is that? After all, it’s only chocolate.  It’s not a trip to Arizona or Hawaii or Paris or Egypt or Jamaica or Ireland or Italy or England.  It’s not a perfect report card or Mr. Darcy saying, “You are perfect in every aspect.” It doesn’t come close to being a waltz or cha cha.

Perhaps there is a mite of truth embedded in that movie Chocolat, in which une chocolatiere rescues a town from itself using chocolate and friendship.

I’m not sure what the deal is with chocolate.  I only know want some.

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