That new time of year…

As anyone who happens to read this blog may have noticed, I am a terrible blogger!!! I rarely update on my writing progress and hardly do anything else.  I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, preferring to make resolutions as the need makes itself known.  But this year, I am resolving to be a better blogger.  To start, my goal is every other week, even if it is just a tiny sentence saying, “I have nothing of note to write.” At least that would force me to log on and perhaps in the act of writing nothing, I will come up with something more interesting! It just might work.

So, with the beginning of the new year, I’d like to relate what deliciousness approaches your taste buds upon your taking a bite of smoked gouda cheese.  Smoked gouda atop crackers was my new year’s snack last night.  Biting into the cheese was quite like having a Footloose party in my mouth.  It was just so tasty! So tasty, that I’m surprised it isn’t banned in small towns.  It was a good day when Costco moved to town, if only because I found a hunk of smoked gouda in the specialty cheese section.

Now for the reflection of the year 2009: a few significant things occurred.  For example, I discovered the wonder of Forensic Anthropology and anthropology in general.  It is quite an amazing field.  I absolutely adore it.  I began listening to M. Ward, one of the greatest musicians of our day.  Honestly, I don’t know how I survived without him for so long.  And of course, I began work on my first novel.

This year has been one of new discoveries, both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  Though the heartbreaking ones are more shocking and attention grabbing, it is the heartwarming discoveries that carry me through the year and have me look forward to the next.  With that, have a happy New Year!

One thought on “That new time of year…

  1. nice! I love gouda, never had it smoked. Three cheers for Costco! I’m excited about your resolution and you know I’ll hold you to it.

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